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Simple Easy Magic Tricks

The best EASY magic tricks on the net you can do in minutes

Simple Card Magic Tricks

The best automatic working simple card magic tricks on the net

Simple Coin & Bill Magic Tricks

Grab some coins and bills and do amazing magic with ease

Simple Bar & Restaurant Magic Tricks

Learn how to enter a bar or restaurant and perform instantly magic

Simple Mind Magic Tricks

Mind blowing mind miracles EASY to master

Simple Math Magic Tricks

Crazy math magic tricks which do the magic for you

Simple Bar Bets & Magic Puzzles

The best fun bets and magical puzzles you can imagine with PRINTABLE templates

Simple Kids Magic Tricks

Fun magic tricks for Kids with everyday objects

Advanced Magic Tricks

Slightly advanced magic tricks but still easy to master

Compilation Magic Tricks

Each video contains a compilation of 10 magic tricks with the same object

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